1. Select an image that is important to you. This image should resonate with you personally. Try to pick an image that has affected you and stayed with you throughout your life. It could be something hanging on the wall of your home, an image from your heritage or faith, an artwork that has always impressed you, or a photograph or album cover that remains with you.
  1. Consider why this image has such personal resonance. Why do you think this image has remained in your mind and heart? Describe the context in which you have experienced this image, and the way that you have interacted with it.
  1. Write a 2 page formal analysis of the image. Consider it’s composition, line, color, texture, and historical context. How might the formal qualities of the picture (composition, color, line, space, texture, etc.) may produce meaning?

You can choose any imagine you want… do this assignment base on your thoughts/image.

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