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Previous submitted work

It is always important for an individual to change their behavior model to suit one that is favorable for their lifestyle and not to destroy their self-esteem, moods, etc. This paper will tackle my target practice to control my body weight to reduce it to what is considered a normal weight range according to my age and height.

According to health the charts I am overweight for my age and height. As we get older losing weight becomes a harder task to tackle, and I am no stranger to such difficulty. I have never in my life been on a diet but at this point in life, I would like to reach my ideal healthy weight to prevent health issues later in life. As you can see, the importance of correcting this behavior is paramount. My target weight loss amount will be 15 pounds. To reach my target weight loss, I will control the amount of my food consumption, especially energy giving food, so that I can have the energy to work out. Losing these 15 pounds will lead to a better and healthier life style, and it will avoid health complications later in life, e.g., hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, etc.

The methods that I will be using to monitor and acquire the baseline data is normal body weight measurement, the amount of food intake, and regular exercises. The number of exercises that I will be undertaking will be a baseline for the determination of my body weight loss.

New task

This cumulative assignment allows you to consider everything you have learned over the past 5 weeks in an attempt to change a behavior of your own. This overall process is similar to what a board-certified behavior analyst would compete with a new client.

Refer to the approved behavior you would like to change, based on your submission to your instructor in Week 3.

Track baseline data over a 3-day period, using the Baseline Data Worksheet.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that outlines an intervention plan for changing that behavior, in which you discuss the following:

  • Describe the target behavior.
  • Outline the dimensions of measurement/baseline measurement.
  • Describe the function of the baseline behavior.
  • Outline the goals of the behavioral change.
  • Propose a behavior intervention plan based on goals.
    • Provide a minimum of 2 antecedent changes.
    • Provide 4 to 5 consequence modifications. Choose consequences based on at least four of the following: positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, negative punishment, positive punishment, and extinction.
  • Describe any potential barriers to treatment, as well as how you would overcome these barriers.
  • Describe the expected outcome if the behavior intervention plan was implemented and followed.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.


Baseline Data Worksheet

Track baseline data of your selected behavior that you would like to change over a 3-day period.

Use this information in your Self-Management Paper, due in Week 5.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Dimensions of measurement

Baseline measurement

Function of baseline behavior

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