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All Staff


Sybil Montrose <>


New Policies about the use of Internet



E-Mail and Internet Policy

As you might noticed, lately we were having some troubles with our bandwidth during the working hours and our IT department found some issues with the use of the company internet by the staff.

In order to have a better access to the company internet and to keep the right to use email with personal purposes in case of need, we decided to implement a policy of zero tolerance to the non-business-related use of the corporate internet connection. It means, in simple and plain English that all the online personal activities are banned from the working hours.

A new added functionality in our corporate software will detect the abnormal usage of our bandwidth and take screenshots randomly of the desktop of the terminal involved in the abnormal use. It would allow us to see the procedures that might be not correctly optimized and correct them and detect improper use of the corporate internet connection.

A copy of the new policy is attached to this e-mail, but feel free to contact me or the IT department if you need further information about the privacy of your personal communications or have another ideas to help to solve our problem.

Best Regards,

Sybil Montrose


Attached is the original email email from the book, and the assignment instructions attached too….

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