Please search electronic media, articles or any publication that reports any descriptive statistic such as mean, median, mode, and/or standard deviation OR any inferential statistic such as margin of error, or confidence intervals.

Tip: Look for terms that you recognize from the readings to help you identify the statistic. Remember, descriptive statistics “describe” or organize the data; inferential statistics are values calculated on sample data and used to estimate the values in the population. Find the statistics/names of them, then compare them to your readings to help you determine which statistic you are including in your post – descriptive or inferential.

1. Copy and paste the data on the discussion forum.

2. Tell us the name of the statistic you see in the report: such as mean, median, mode, frequency table (descriptive statistic) or Confidence interval, Margin of Error, chi square, ANOVA, etc (inferential statistic). Be sure that you choose a statistic that you understand and can explain! (you might have to do a little extra reading/research to help you with this).

3. Tell us your interpretation of the data/statistic used in this study. What does it tell us?

4. Tell us whether your findings are descriptive statistic/s and/or inferential statistics.

5. Post a working link and/or URL to your data and the retrieval date.

6. Comment on at least one peer post.

This course is about recognizing and using evidence. So, in order to earn full points, you will need to support each of your postings and assignments in this course with evidence from your readings, textbook and/or course content. Cite your sources using intext and reference page citations, including page or paragraph numbers

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