33-year-old Caucasian patient presents to the clinic now with a chief complaint of progressively worsening right flank pain for two days. Patient has had a history of three previous episodes of cystitis prior to her visit and had gotten worse, fever of 101 for one day, nausea, lack of appetite and recurrent vomiting.

Please fallow instruction. I need it in APA style with at least 4 references, no older than 5 years

  • What is the Chief Complain in this case study?
  • What are important questions to ask the patient to formulate the history of present illness and what did the patient tell you?
  • What components of the physical exam are important to review in this case?
  • What are pertinent positive and negative physical exam findings to help you formulate your diagnosis?
  • Which differential diagnosis is to be considered with this case study?
  • What was your final diagnosis?
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