Please give me a document of step 3 before 9/10/17 9:00pm. Other steps you can finish in remaining time.

  • 1- Review the IRP Module and IRP Assignment.
  • 2 – Review the IRP Data Sources document to start thinking about your research question and data sources for your IRP.
  • 3 – Submit IRP Research Question and Data Set. (2%)

Prepare a Word document with the following information:

Your research question for your IRP.

Your statistical question that you hope to answer by analyzing the data set you picked.

The name, source, and a link to your data set. Do not submit your data set at this time.

Click on Link Below to See Video Instructions:

  • 4 – Work on your IRP.
  • 5 – Submit your draft IRP for anonymous peer review. (4%)
  • 6 – Work on your IRP and complete your three IRP peer reviews.
  • 7 – Work on your IRP. Work on your IRP Presentation.
  • 8:
    • Submit your IRP Memorandum (10%)
    • IRP PowerPoint presentation (2%)
      • Use PPT Narration Tool to create an audio PPT.
  • 9 – Answer any questions about your IRP to your instructor (2%)

Uploading Excel File for IRP :

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