Please response a student’s discussion, 100 words.

Student’s discussion: Question 3

Personal Connection Exercise—Connecting with the ideas and characters for the play.

Unfortunately, I can relate to many of the personal connection questions. Some of the questions relate to my grade school years. My so called friends at times were not very nice to me. I was the kind of person that talked to everyone, but hung out mostly with the mid-popular crowd. Some of my friends were in the popular click, so I would hang out with them too. Then, my mid-popular friends would get mad at me. They would pass me mean notes and not want to talk to me. It was so stupid, but I played along and tried to win them back. This answers the questions “wondered if you were going crazy” and “wondered who you could trust”. I never did anything wrong, I just had other friends. I was a people pleaser. I had major drama in my late teen and early twenties with a boyfriend. He was a bad guy and he had done a lot of bad things. However, I thought he cared for me. I was terribly wrong. I don’t want to go into details, I have tried to put all that pain and craziness behind me. Throughout my situation, I “loved someone my family didn’t approve of” (for good reason, I just didn’t want to believe it). I “disobeyed what my parents wanted me to do” (many times). The one question that I am still trying to forgive myself is “hurt someone you loved because you were wrapped up in your own drama”. I hurt my Mom and Dad. I was hurtful to them in my words and actions. I feel still feel horrible at times.

My reaction to Iago up to this point in the play in regards to his strengths, motivations, and like/not like. Iago is not my favorite character. If I knew this play, I would have not picked him as my focus. I feel that his motivations consist of a few topics. The first motivation is resentment. Right from the beginning, Iago is passed over by Othello for a promotion. Per Iago, his promotion was given to Cassio (Act one, Scene one, 18-21). The next situation that gave Iago motivation was that there is a rumor spreading that Othello slept with his wife, which created jealously (Act one Scene three 378-379). Lastly, Iago has suspicion that Cassio has also slept with his wife (Act two Scene three 300 -301). I do not like Iago; I feel he is a manipulative and a conniving person. Even though he might have some reasons, he exploits people. He pretends to be Othello’s right hand man, but Iago hates Othello and tries to destroy Othello’s marriage and reputation. He pretends to be a friend to Roderigo, but is just using him to get money out of him and to breakup Othello’s marriage. In addition, Iago does not treat his wife kindly. I did like that Iago talked Roderigo out of killing himself, even if it was only out for his own interests, Iago did save his life. A strength he has, whether positive or negative, is the fact that Iago is committed to his demolition of Othello’s marriage, he is very sure of himself, and confident.


Shakespeare, W., & Crowther, J. (2003). No fear Shakespeare: Othello. New York: Spark.

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