research paper 853

there are 3 section of the paper

Introduction and Literature review

The first two sections of a research paper typically contain an introduction as well as a review and discussion of the relevant literature and economic theory:

  1. Introduction. The introduction briefly presents the problem you are interested in, concisely describes your data and the method of analysis, and summarizes your main conclusions.
  2. Discussion of Relevant Literature and Economic Theory. This section describes closely related previous studies on your topic and summarizes any relevant economic theory. The length of this section depends on the scope of the paper; for a term paper this section might be fairly short.

For your first status update, you have to deliver a draft of these two sections. The draft should not exceed three pages. Since this is a first version of your introduction and discussion of literature and theory, it does not need to be perfect. To receive full credit, however, your draft will have to meet the following criteria:

  • The introduction clearly states a specific research question you wish to answer.
    What does that mean? For example, the question “Should financial markets be more regulated?” is an important question, but it still is too vague. A related but more precise question would be: What is the effect of the introduction of recent financial laws and regulations, like the Dodd-Frank Act on equity prices?
    Make sure you formulate your research question accordingly.
  • The content is appropriate with respect to points 1 and 2 spelled out above, and it is factually correct.
  • The text is organized and follows a logical progression.
  • The points made in the draft are properly developed with details and references. References are given following the APA style.
  • Technical terminology is used appropriately, and the draft has few to no major grammatical and spelling errors.
  • The paper is formatted according to the APA guidelines (see Term Project Guidelines).

If you are working on the assigned problem, you need to write introduction and discussion of literature and theory for the Fama-French five factor model.

The third section of your term paper is focused on the data you’re using.

It provides the details of the data sources, any transformations you have done to the data (for example, changing the units of some variables), gives a table of summary statistics (means and standard deviations) of the variables, and provides scatter plots and/or other relevant plots of the data.

Your work will be graded based on the following criteria:

  • Completeness: Do you explain all used data sources in detail, the type of data you’ve collected, the variables you’re using, and are your summary statistics complete?
  • Accuracy: Are your calculations correct and appropriate?
  • Readability: Do you present tables and graphs in a readable and accessible manner?
  • Visualization: Do you present graphs that are appropriate to the research question you’re trying to answer?
  • References: Do you properly reference your data sources such that a reader could access the data themselves?
  • Formatting: Are you following APA guidelines appropriately?

Here is a helpful link for preparing tables in EViews.

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