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One area of learning for me that was significant would have to have been ethics. With my work in NICU, there are some times when I have questioned whether or not what I was doing was the right thing. I really liked the integrated decision-making tool and I think it is something that I could definitely use. The second area would have been safety and the Lewis Blackman story. I was very struck by Lewis’ mother and her courage to speak about what happened to her son. That lesson really made me think about my own practice and to make sure that I am paying attention to the details. In my practice, I have already shared the Lewis Blackman story and implemented some measures that I would consider part of what we learned that week. For instance, I have already begun checking I/O totals prior to the physician seeing the patient as well as figuring the correct dosage of EVERY med that I am giving. One thing that gave me a bit more insight was the peer interview we did. Honestly before this class I thought my BSN would just be a piece of paper and the only reason to get it was for management positions. Boy was I wrong. I’m excited to continue the journey and to see what else I can learn! Thank you to all of you for the forum discussions. These posts definitely helped me to see another point of view and how things apply in the world outside of the NICU. I hope to “see” you all in our future classes. Good luck to all of you!

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