read the case study and answer the 15 q about it

Case Study and Experimental Investigation towards the CNC Router

1. Natural Resource Canada researchers found this to be the top constraint of companies that are trying to expand?

2. Why would the implementation of a CNC machine solve a company’s need for skilled and experienced laborers?

3. In conventional cabinet making how many operators are needed to produce a cabinet?

4. In CNC cabinet making how many operators are needed for the production line?

5. How does just-in-time manufacturing improve Qubia’s manufacturing operation?

6. What are the 5 steps of Quiba’s cabinets manufacturing process?

7. What year did Qubia Cabinets purchase its first CNC router?

8. What characteristic of the example CNC machine in the case study will make it difficult to use in 10 years?

9. What is the cost of the Biesse Skill 300 CNC machine?

10. In the case study a loan is used to purchase the CNC. How much interest is paid on the loan over 10 years?

11. In the case study example what is the difference in salary between the programmer and the operator?

12. What is the value of the example CNC after 10 years?

13. Before purchasing a CNC machine why is it important to calculate its present worth?

14. What is the present worth of the CNC machine after accounting for material saved and laborer saving?

15. Did the cabinetmaking company make the correct choice by purchasing the CNC router?

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