Bank Supervisors experiment simulation

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Teams need to have the results of 100 simulations posted as soon as they can. For the benefit of other teams, please post your results (1 post per team) also as a class message (in addition to uploading here) in the link provided in week 3 as soon as you are ready. As individuals you will be asked to consider the results of this simulation and discuss: Do you believe that your simulation provides evidence that the bank supervisors in case presented in week 1 were biased against females? (ii) How confident are you in your statement (iii)? Discuss how your expectation may have changed as you gained more information (in the form of empirical results).

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Assignment Files


Simulation Experiment:

Components of the following simulation experiment are to be completed by individual students with the experiment as a whole to be completed by each learning team.

Individually remove all four aces from a deck of playing cards. There will now be 24 red cards in the deck, that will represent “male” files, and 24 black cards that will represent “female” files. Alternatively, you may use 48 index cards, marking half with “M” and half with “F”. Shuffle the cards at least seven times and then cut them.

a. Count out the first 35 cards to represent the files recommended for promotion.

b. Each learning team: repeat the simulation with the cards until the team has a total of 100 simulations. With each simulation, record the number of “males” promoted. Post the results of 100 simulations in the form of an empirical probability that 21 or more of the 35 recommended for promotion were male.Algebra”, “J.D Salinger”,

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