Putting It All Together Motivation Communication and Discipline quot

Putting It All Together: Motivation, Communication, and Discipline”

  • Using information from the text and citing recent specific examples and statistics from actual classrooms or districts, in 3-5 pages summarize how the pieces of motivation, communication, and discipline fit into the larger concept of classroom management.
  • The 3 areas will be worth 30% each.
  • Grammar and spelling will count for the remaining 10% of the grade.
  • Please use APA style formatting

Grading Criteria

Cites information from text, examples and statistics from actual classrooms for each of the 3: motivation, communication, and discipline regarding classroom management. (30 pts each, Total of 90 pts)

Writing is coherent and concise. Proper writing, spelling and punctuation used. Uses APA format (10 pts)


Nakamura, Raymond M. (2000). Healthy Classroom Management Motivation, Communication, and Discipline. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth (Cengage).

ISBN: 9780534567279

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