All required information to complete is listed in the PDF file attached.

You’ve been asked by a publicly traded company of your choice to research one product from its product line and provide it with a full assessment of the microeconomic forces affecting the product. When providing the company with your final report, you will include the following items in the order listed below:

1. Product Evaluation Complete the template included with the project instructions. The template prompts you to find and explain essential aspects of the product from a microeconomic perspective such as the product’s elasticity, determinants of demand, and market structure. You are required to provide a basic answer to each question in the template, with a detailed explanation of your answers that is comprehensive and supported with research. When you have filled out the template completely it should be between 2 to 3 pages.

2. Recommendations Once you’ve completed the template, you’ll present three business recommendations to the company. Your recommendations should be based on and supported with the information in the template. Should the company change the product’s price? Are there factors affecting the demand of the product? Could
demand be manipulated by changing some aspect of the product? Should the marketing angle be adjusted? These are all potential questions you could consider in making your recommendations, but you are not limited to these questions either. The most important thing is to support your recommendations with the research presented in the template. You may also consider doing additional research into other companies with a similar product to inform your recommendations. Your recommendations should be written in paragraph form and be 4 to 5 pages.

3. Works Cited Page At the end of the project, include an APA Works Cited page documenting every resource you used in compiling the information in the template and making your recommendations. Even if you do not use direct quotes from the resource, if it informed any part of your project, you must cite it in the Works Cited page. A strong report will cite at least four resources.

Before You Begin

Choose the company you will research. To choose a company, you might search the SEC website When choosing a company, consider choosing one that you might like to work for in the future or one that provides a product or service you’d be interested in introducing to the market place if you owned your own business.
Once you’ve found a company that you’d like to use, visit its website and make sure it provides enough information to complete the project. You may want to review information the company provides to its investors like financial statements, mission statement, or vision statement, as well as information presented to consumers like marketing campaigns. All of this should be found on the company’s website. Keep in mind that you will also likely do additional research beyond the company’s website. You may need to find articles from news organizations about the company or check out some of the company’s competitors to get a full picture of the company and its product.

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