TOPIC: Enhancing communication in public sector and crisis communication

Read Purdue OWL articles:

Retrieve/Review three (3) research oriented journal articles related to your PA topic.

Write a persuasive essay about how each article contributes to your research for the final assignment.

Cite all sources of information in APA style.

Comment at least two classmates’ messages.

Additional Writing Guidelines:

1st paragraph (Introduction)

Explain what your report is about, how it is organized, and who should read it.

Address what you learned from Purdue OWL articles.

2nd, 3rd, 4th paragraphs (for 3 articles)

How does each article contribute to your research? (What did you learn from the article? How is it relevant to your research topic/question? etc.)

Use transition sentences to write cohesively.

5th paragraph (Conclusion)

Based on the literature review, make an argument about your research topic/question.

What information do you still need for research?

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