For this project, I want you to:

1. Go to

2. Do a search for a sermon or talk from a faith or belief system that DIFFERS from

your own.

For example, you can search “Muslim Preaching”, “Buddhist Teaching” or “The Atheist


3. Carefully watch the clip. It can be a long or short clip.

4. Write a 500 word count assessment of the clip.

Make sure the assessment details ALL of the following:

A. An introduction of the faith/belief system through YOUR eyes.

What does this faith or belief system reflect in your opinion?

B. Highlight points from the YouTube video that make sense to you.

Or, highlight anything from the video that you may share in common.

Be specific.

C. Highlight points from the video that differ from your faith/beliefs. Be specific.

5. Reply with two things:

1. Your 500 word count assessment.

2. Include the actual YouTube link, so we can view it too.

Simply typing will not take us to your exact video.

Copy and paste the actual web address from the web address bar for your video.

If you have a hard time doing this, include the specific title of the video from

YouTube and the duration of the video. That way we can search it and view it.

Do not include any attachments. You can type your assessment in word to verify your word count. Then, copy and paste the assessment and the YouTube link right into the text box.

*If something in your video is very interesting, and you watched a longer video, include a time stamp of any key points you want us to see. For example, if something really cool happens at exactly five minutes into the video, highlight points like that within your assessment, so we can get right to viewing the cool stuff that stood out for YOU!

**IF POSSIBLE, MAKE SURE YOUR VIDEO HAS CC (CLOSED CAPTIONING) AVAILABLE. Most YouTube videos do, but check it to see. You can still use the video for your project if it does not have CC.**

Project 1

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