For this course project submission, you will need to identify the potential strengths and weaknesses of your chosen airline carrier. You will also need to identify the input costs and capital.

Include the following:

  • Explain the concept of Inputs: Complementary and Substitutable
  • Discuss how marginal product of labor and marginal revenue product affect your firm
  • Discuss how your airline carrier maximizes profits
  • Discuss at what point your airline carrier would increase, decrease, or keep constant its current routes flown per day
  • Identify tangible goods
  • Identify intangible goods
  • Identify how human capital adds value to the firm
  • Identify capital stock
  • Discuss how your airline carrier assets are affected by depreciation of goods

Your ultimate goal of writing the analysis is to convey to your committee members whether or not your carrier has lost or gained value over the past 5 years.

Your paper should be at least 2-3 pages or more in length and contain the following:

  • Title page
  • Introduction
  • Body of your paper
  • Paper must be APA formatting
  • In-text citations must be formatted correctly
  • Reference page
  • References must be properly formatted

I have also download the first part of this project that you did a wonderful job with!!

Couple of things the instructor said regarding the project is that it needs to be set up in paragraph form – she wants 4 examples of tangible goods and 4 intangible goods – cannot use website addresses for references. Can’t thank you so much for your help on this, I need it to be really good, I am struggling in this class. Also need it by Sunday September 3rd 10pm central standard time, it cannot be late!!!!

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