policy analysis on position statement 56 mental health treatment in correctional facilities

Policy Analysis on Position Statement 56: Mental Health Treatment in Correctional Facilities

Prepare a draft 1-2 page Theory Section of Policy Analysis (Section 5, part A), which must contain:

o 2 Criminological theories that justify or debunk your policy

o Application of each theory to your policy

Section 5: Policy Analysis

  • Theoretical Framework
    • Social Bond Theory
      • Nijdam, J. A., Livingston, J. D., Verdun, J. S., & Brink, J. (2015). Using social bonding theory to examine “recovery” in a forensic mental health hospital: A qualitative study. Criminal Behaviour & Mental Health, 25(3), 157–168. https://doi-org.huaryu.kl.oakland.edu/10.1002/cbm.1918
    • Strain Theory
      • Link, N. W., Cullen, F. T., Agnew, R., & Link, B. G. (2015). Can General Strain Theory Help Us Understand Violent Behaviors Among People with Mental Illnesses? Justice Quarterly,33(4), 729-754. doi:10.1080/07418825.2015.1005656
  • Policy Evaluation
  • Impact on Community & Society
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