please prepare a 7 page paper 12 point double spaced 1 margins t b l r including exhibits on the qualcomm incorporated 2009

Please prepare a 7 page report (12-point, double spaced, 1” margins T/B/L/R, including exhibits) on the “Qualcomm Incorporated 2009” Case

Answer each question (1, 2, 3, and 4) separately. For questions 1-3 you should refer to the period covered by the Qualcomm Inc. 2009 Case. ! FOR QUESTION 4 ! you should refer to the entire period covered by case and attached articles. ( Bloomberg Businessweek & Bloomberg ) <—- These 2 Cases Are At The Bottom Of The Midterm Exam File in Attachments

Question 1.)

a) What are the key elements of Qualcomm’s licensing strategy that account for its economic success?

b) What are the key elements of Qualcomm’s strategy beyond licensing that you think were critical to its success?

Question 2.) Does Qualcomm’s business model benefit from supply-side or demand-side increasing returns to scale? Explain why or why not.

Question 3.) Compare Qualcomm and Arm Holdings business models. Identify key similarities and differences and explain how these similarities and differences relate to each firm profits and competitive advantage.

Question 4.) ( Refer To The Two Bloomberg cases at the bottom of the Midterm Exam Assignment Sheet In Attachments)

How sustainable is Qualcomm’s competitive advantage in the wireless industry?


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