1) Review the TED talk video from the attached link. Discuss your perspective on the issues that are addressed in the video. This assignment simply requires your deep introspection on the cause for concern mentioned in the video. The response should be at least 200 words

2) Write a 65 word response to both paragraphs

1) Wow oh wow this video opened my mind. I knew that we were wasting billions of dollars on the prison system, but I never thought about how we could change that. I agree 100% with what Adam Foss was saying. I believe if we try to help these kids, or even adults out who commit minor crimes we can have a better future rather than throwing them in a cell. The crimes that should put people in jail are felonies(murder, rape, etc), not people who sell weed, or steal a couple items from a store. If we as a country, find a better way to get these people the help they need, and most importantly the education they need we could be saving money while bettering our future and even our kid’s future. The prison system doesn’t help these people grow instead I believe it is building hate into these people. Oppurinity is one of the best thingsyou can give someone. We need to change as a whole and come together to figure out how to make our prison systems better.

2) After watching the TED talk video, Adam Foss gave a clear understanding of why the criminal justice system needs to be reformed. Issues that are occurring is that the prosecutors are punishing people harshly and not giving them the opportunity to get back on their feet or work. The chances of criminals getting punished outcomes in them getting in trouble again and again. In most cases, the prosecutors focus on the crime that occurred and won’t look into the background of the defendant. Punishing these criminals will turn out to be a bad outcome to the community because they will come out and commit a crime again because they have nothing else to live for because they feel like they waste their life in prison anyways. One major issue we have is that we spent 80 billion dollars on prisons to maintain the prisons however, we can use that money to help those criminals to change their lives instead of ruining them. If prosecutors are apart of creating the problem, it is our part to find a solution to help those who are being punished for the crimes they committed to help them get back on their feet and become civilians again.N

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