opinion essay should recycling be mandatory 750 1000 words

Should recycling be mandatory?

Write a 750 – 1000-word Opinion on your essay topic. You will not use research; instead, state what side of the issue you are taking and why.

In your essay include the following:

1. State what side of the issue you are taking and why. Note ( My side is recycling should be mandatory )

2. Why do you believe what you believe?

Include a clear thesis that states what side you are taking and why.


a) Introduction

b) 3 or more body paragraphs

c) Conclusion.

No sources are required for this essay. Focus on your opinion and what you think. However, be sure to support your points with examples and explain your point of view in detail.

Follow the MLA format for submitting your paper:

* Double spaced

* 750-1000 words in length

* 12-point font

* MLA Format

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