Question 4

Complete the following steps:

  1. Highlight the chi-square and significance values in the output. Write the chi-square results as you might see them in a journal.


Complete the following steps after opening the SPSS file assessment5d.sav linked in the Resources under the Required Resources heading:

  1. Create a scatterplot. Copy and paste the scatterplot output to your Word document.
  2. Based on the scatterplot, what is the expected strength and direction of the correlation?
  3. Identify the null hypothesis.
  4. Calculate Pearson r. Copy and paste the correlation output to your Word document.
  5. Based on the correlation output (two-tailed test), can the null hypothesis be rejected? If the null can be rejected, how confident can you be that the results are not due to chance?
  6. Report the results as you might see them in a journal.
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