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Part One of the textbook “The Creation of American Society, 1450-1763,” Chapters 1-4. Write a brief essay of less than 300 words (one page) that answers one of the following questions:


1. Did the various peoples who lived in colonial America organize their families similarly? Explain.

2. Give a few examples to illustrate how the first peoples of America possessed “a hierarchical social order.”

3. Detail one imperial war and how Native peoples were involved.

4. How did the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening inspire people to challenge authority?

5. What was the most interesting religious movement discussed in Chapters 1-4 and how did it affect colonial history?

6. If you were a woman alive in Massachusetts in 1700 would you trade places with a modern American woman? Why or why not?

6. Why did slaves form an “African American community” in the era?

7. Was American a “melting pot” in 1750? Explain why or why not.

8. School children used to be taught that the Pilgrims and Puritans came to America “for religious freedom” and that they practiced religous liberty. Would you argue that this is correct?

9. One scholar has written a book entitled “The Indians’ New World,” detailing the Native American experience after widespread colonization by Europeans. What do you think this author meant by this title?

10. Which of the American colonies most resembles what the American nation became?

11. Did the missionaries who labored in New France & New Mexico practice acceptable means to convert Indians? Would modern missionaries follow their example?

12. What examples would a critic cite to demonstrate the intolerance of the Puritan society in New England?

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