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Assignment 1 – Memo to Authorize Expenses

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You work as a Quality Assurance Engineer for WhiteHat Inc, a computer software company that makes a product for the cybersecurity field to keep track of potential vulnerabilities on a web site. The company is based in Houston, TX.

Write a memo to your boss, Joanna Peters, Chief Information Officer (CIO), requesting permission to attend the ISAA CSX 2017 conference in Washington, DC in October 2017 at the company’s expense.

Your request must be as a formal memo to the CIO with a copy to Human Resources (Amy Johns) and must cover:

  • The details of the conference itself (where, when, who, etc.) with a link to the conference web site
  • Why it is important for someone in the company to attend the conference (technical content, networking, etc.)
  • Why you would be the best person given your job responsibilities and the impact that this might have on the software development process at the company
  • An estimate of the total expenses to be incurred (travel, hotel, food, registration fee, etc., including a detailed spreadsheet attached)
  • Details of how you would communicate the information that you have obtained from the conference to other members of the staff when you return.

Your memo should be about 600 words long (1 to 2 pages) and should be well written and formatted, using a persuasive style of writing. It should have a good title so the CIO can know what it is about.

It needs to be easy to read, written in complete sentences with good grammar, have a good introductory paragraph. cover the five topics above, and have a good ending paragraph with a date by which a response is due for you to register and get good prices on flights, conference, etc.

It must show that you have fully researched the conference, made a realistic estimate of the costs to be incurred (itemizing individual components of the cost), and have justified the value to the company.

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