media claims about pyschology

Throughout this course you have practiced skills that have enabled you to distinguish between media claims and research, find and recognize peer-reviewed journal articles, and understand and synthesize research on your own. This final project will allow you to combine these skills while researching a topic of your choice. You will complete this assignment in two parts (Part 3A and Part 3B).

Part 3A:

1. Find a claim made by the media that pertains to psychology (a new program, a strange causation, etc.) A great way to begin looking for these media claims is to use Google. In the Search bar, enter the phrase, “8fact” along with a topic that interests you. Look for media claims that apply to psychology and not just random facts. When you find a media claim that you’d like to examine, save it or save a direct link to it—you will be including this in your paper.

2. Next, find a peer-reviewed research article that either confirms or disproves the information from the media claim that you found. Save the peer-reviewed article or a direct link to it—you will be including this in your paper. (NOTE: Ensure that the article you find for this assignment is peer-reviewed, keeping in mind that books, magazines, and websites are generally not peer-reviewed.)

3. In a Word document, write a two-and-a-half-page paper (double-spaced in Times New Roman, 12-point font). Note that the two-and-a-half-page requirement pertains only to the body of your paper— not your title, header, and citations. The body of your paper should include the following:

  • Description of the media claim that you found
  • The link to, or an attachment of, your media claim
  • Explanation of why you chose that media claim
  • Description of the process you followed to find your peer-reviewed article
  • The link to, or an attachment of, your peer-reviewed article
  • Summary of the peer-reviewed article
  • Explanation of how the article confirms or disproves the media claim
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