The questions below are discussion questions. Responses should be at least 50 words each.

1.Based on: “Mama Coca’s War: How the War on Drugs Impacts Latin America.” Explain the implications that the UN ban on the coca plant had on countries such as Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia. How has this war on drugs resulted in increased terrorist activity in these countries?

2.What do you believe are some of the fundamental political and economic reasons that have led to the most recent flare-up in the Middle East? What do you think some of the solutions are?

3.Title VII prohibits discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion, and national origin. Why do you think these specific classes are protected? In your opinion, what other classes should be protected and why?

4.What are the best arguments you can make for and against affirmative action?

5.Stereotypes shape opinions of the targeted class of people and perpetuate discrimination. What are some common gender or national origin stereotypes you have heard, and what impact do they have on the target?

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