Application Assignment: Looking Inward: Self-Interview – Part B

“Some people may find it hard to examine their social identities that connect them to unfair treatment of others (e.g, White mistreatment and economic exploitation of people of color). Even so, it is essential to becoming effective anti-bias educators that we examine each aspect of who we are, in order to understand fully how our identities influence how we relate to people today” (Derman-Sparks, 2010, p. 23). Thus, self-reflection is an essential aspect of you becoming an anti-bias educator and member of society. You cannot change something you are not actively conscious of or aware

Part A: Self-Interview
Using the questions listed in this week’s “Power, Privilege, and Prejudice Self-Reflection Instrument,” conduct an audio- or video-recorded self-interview.

Document: Power, Privilege, and Prejudice Self-Reflection Instrument

Note: you will not be asked to share this recording with your co-learners or Instructor, but you will be asked to write about what you learned about yourself, and in part to use the experience as a means of selecting a topic to focus on throughout the course. During Week 8, you will also be asked to refer to this recording, so be certain to retain a copy of your recording.

Part B: Written Reflection

Write a reflection paper in response to the following questions:

What did you learn about yourself from this self-interview? Did any of your answers surprise you? Is so, which ones and why? If not, why not?

What patterns emerged about your own learned biases or potential areas of discomfort from this week’s self-interview and last week’s application assignment?

What one learned bias stands out as one you should focus on during this course? Why did this area stand out for you? In what ways does it relate to the ism or ism’s you wrote about in last week’s application assignment?

In what ways have you been socialized to feel the way you do with regard to this bias?

In what ways do your body language, verbal interactions, and/or other actions communicate your bias in covert or overt ways?

APA Style

The Running head in the upper left corner is no longer required starting 5/2/2016 term. You still need the page numbering in the upper right corner–made as a header in Word.

Approximate length: 3 pages

The assignment page says 3 pages: The assignment page always lists the minimums.You will need a three-page minimum scholarly paper (not counting title page and reference list).

APA spacing requirements of one-inch margins, no extra space in between paragraphs, no additional subheadings with extra spacing between parts of the paper, and not starting low on the page.


Choflá’s Power, Privilege, and Prejudice Self-Reflection Instrument


Derman-Sparks, L., & Olsen Edwards, J. (2010). Anti-bias education for young children and ourselves. Washington, DC: NAEYC

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