Absolutely no plagiarism, must be original and very thorough. Please make sure everything is followed in the question and the grading rubric. Assigned video is attached but also must include one other academic relevant resource, total of 2. Must include in-text citations.


This week’s video resource (Link is below), Dell on building an effective board of directors, Michael Dell, CEO and Founder of Dell, Inc. discusses Dell’s strategy of having “Director Day”. This is a day each year when the directors go into an area of the business and report back what they learned as a way to get the directors’ perspectives on the plans and strategies at Dell.

How well do you think this strategy would work at other companies? Do you think it is important for the board of directors to know the business intimately? What problems might arise with directors getting involved in the business of management?

  • Video: Endeavor Global. (2009). Dell on building an effective board of directors [Video file]. Retrieved from

Please see grading rubric below. This assignment should be at least 4-5 paragraphs long and very thorough. Make sure you integrate real-life applications to support key points.



This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Quality of Initial Response

Initial response displays an excellent understanding of the course readings and underlying concepts and includes the correct use of relevant terminology. Initial response integrates specific real-life application (current events, work or personal experience, prior coursework, etc.) to support key points. Initial response is clear, concise, and compelling.

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Research

Initial response contains at least one reference to a valid (recent, relevant, high-quality) external source of information pertaining to the discussion topic. Research is cited, in-text, to support key points. Integration of research in initial response exceeds expectations. (This should be along with the provided video, so a total of 2 references).

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Mechanics

Entirely free of mechanical errors. These include: grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting (font style and size).

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