I need you to reply to the discussion bellow. You must point on what you like in his discussion. This is a discussion not an essay. I need you to reply in a hundred words. No need for references or sources.

Against or Con: Laws against bullying are not feasible as they are hard to define and have the potential to limit managers’ ability to manage.

Whether implementing anti-bullying policies would provide a safe working environment for employees while reducing stress and depression within the business.

Bullying can occur at anytime and anywhere, be it in school, the Internet, and even in the business world. Speaking of the business world, although bullying events have occurred within the business, the main goal of a business is to generate as much profit as possible while attracting a number of stakeholders and customers. Still, if the employees were to be bullied in the workplace, that could affect the business as a whole because not only they have to deal with their main goals, but also tensions within the business as well. Furthermore, bullying can potentially affect a worker’s health, as stated in Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases by Ferrell, Fraedrich, and Ferrell (2015) that “…workplace bullying is strongly associated with sleep disturbances. The more frequent the bullying, the higher the risk of sleep disturbance” (p. 67). Not only that, but it can also lead to other physical symptoms such as depression and fatigue. A journal article by Kivimaki et al. (2003) also states “… staff who had been bullied reported more depressive symptoms, higher levels of stress and anxiety, and lower levels of job satisfication” (p. 779). Business should know how big of an issue workplace bullying is, and should take action or implement anti-bullying laws in order to prevent more bullying because if “… managers do not address bullying behaviors in the organization, then what starts out as one or two bullies may begin to spread” (Ferrell et al., 2015, p. 67).

Here’s an example on a reply to a discussion.

You made some really great points and I especially agree with your two main points on why enforcing laws for bullying would be difficult. Every generation was raised with different slang and backgrounds which can make bullying hard to define. In addition, I agree that it would be hard to measure the amount and ways of bullying in a court room where it is completely subjective. While I do believe there should be penalties and preventative actions against bullying, I can see how bringing it into the court would be tricky and nearly impossible.

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