Stakeholder map

Draw stakeholder role names on a stakeholder map with 4 quadrants, Internal-Operation,

Internal-Executive, External-Operation, External-Executive.For each stakeholder, describe why they have an interest in the project.


-Create one questionnaire that you would send to one stakeholder group with an aim to help you

identify further details about the environment, the problem area and/or how the system would operate

to help solve the problem.

-Identify which stakeholder you are going to send the questionnaire to

-Write an introduction statement that would go with the questionnaire explaining the purpose

of the questionnaire

-Write 10 questions, either open and/or closed ended questions

-This should be written as a questionnaire that could be distributed

-Only write the questions, you should not write the answers

Use Case diagram and descriptions

-Draw a use case model for the information system

-Write brief Use Case description for each Use Case in the diagram

-Write one fully developed Use Case description for one of the important Use Cases

identified. Select an important Use Case that is key part of the system, not a basic simple Use

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