For full points, address the key concepts, make specific comments on the example in the case study, and add your own insightful comments. Your response also needs to include factual support from the assigned reading. Read pages 181-192. https://intervisualtechnology.us/uploads/PDFs/Fore…

Read the case below. Should DNA evidence alone be sufficient to convict when there is no corroborative evidence? State your opinion and provide support for it.

Ian Simms (1988)

Helen McCourt was last seen alive as she boarded a bus on her way home from work in Liverpool, England. Evidence found in the apartment of Ian Simms, a local pub owner, linked him to McCourt’s disappearance. His apartment was covered with blood, and part of McCourt’s earring was found there. The rest of her earring was found in the trunk of his car. Bloody clothing belonging to McCourt was found on the banks of a nearby river. Her body was never recovered. Dr. Alec Jeffreys analyzed the blood found in Simms’s apartment and matched it to blood from her parents. Dr. Jeffreys determined that there was a high probability that the blood found in Simms’s apartment matched that of Helen McCourt. Simms was found guilty of murder, and sentenced to life imprisonment. This was the first time DNA evidence was used to convict a murderer in a case where the victim’s body was not found.

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