i need help on paper chromatography experiment discussion questions

3. Write a short paragraph discussing the relative movement of the individual halide ions in the 80% acetone solvent. Which ions moved the most/least and why? consider what you know about size and attractive forces between ions, the paper and the solvent to explain the relative movement.

4.The lower the intemroleculalr forces, the more easily a compound leaves the liquid phase, the faster the rate of evaporation, and thus the higher the vapor pressure. RAnk the non-polar alkanes – pentane, hexane, heptane, and octane – in terms of increasing vapor pressure. explain your ranking in terms of the molar mass and intermolecular forces present.

5. Rank the polar molecules ehtanol, acetone and ethyl acetate in terms of increasing vapor pressure. explain your ranking inter of the intermolecular forces present, and the effects (if any) of molar mass.

6. How would you rank the relative strengths of the iintermolecular forces present in the non-polar and polar molecules discussed in questions 4 and 5?

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