This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Fall of Singapore during World War 2. There have been several special exhibits and events to commemorate the battle for Singapore and the Japanese occupation that followed. Of these, one exhibition – “Syonan Gallery: War and its

Legacies” at the Former Ford Factory – has triggered strong emotional responses from the public. People have been airing their views about it through social media. Some say that the war exhibits may be too distressing for visitors. They are particularly concerned about war survivors who may be suffering from Post-TraumaticStress Disorder (PTSD). Others hope that guided conversations at the war exhibits will promote healing and closure. These speculations have yet to be verified by local research.

Imagine that you are an independent researcher who has been commissioned to investigate the Syonan Gallery’s impact on visitors suffering from PTSD. Design a mixed -methods study using a quantitative survey and a qualitative method of your choice.

Prepare a research proposal comprising the following sections to present your proposed study:


The aim of the Introduction section is to give the reader an overview of your proposed study. Have a strong lead in that engages the reader.

Tell the reader why it is important to study PTSD in relation to war museums, and how your proposed study would add value. Define PTSD and any other key concepts. Include an overview of how your proposal is structured. Although this section would be the first in your written proposal, it often makes sense to finalise it only after you have drafted the other sections.

Literature Review & Hypotheses Development

The aim of this section is to provide the reader with background information about what other research on this topic has found, and how that led you to develop your hypotheses.

Summarise the most relevant past research on PTSD and the impact of war museums on visitors. Comment on studies done on each of these areas. Tell us how your review guided the development of your research questions. This section should convince the reader that your proposed study will make a valuable contribution to your field.


The aim of this section is to allow the reader to understand how you intend to conduct a mixed-methods study on this topic.

You should be able to demonstrate your knowledge of the various elements of mixed-methods studies. Methodology typically covers: the proposed study’s design, sample (target population, sampling frame, sample characteristics and size, sampling methods), data collection methods (including any instruments), data anaylsis methods, research ethics, research rigour, and anticipated limitations.

Explain why your methods are suitable and appropriate for addressing your research questions.

Be as clear and detailed as possible, to the extent that you can pass it to someone else who would then be able to conduct the study based only on what you have written.


Appendices (optional)

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