This week in class we discussed the globalization of services based on chapter 4. Complete the following assignment and provide your answers and sources in the text entry box.

You currently work at a domestic shipping company in the U.S. and have just been placed in charge of a new global expansion project. Your manager wants to start delivering shipments to European countries to expand the customer base and needs your help on securing the first country. Select any country in Europe to do some research on for your manager. Your manager will need to know the following information about the country you select:

  • The name and location of the country
  • The political climate (stability or lack thereof, threats of war, people in power, influence of politics, etc.)
  • Any government imposed restrictions on foreign business (tariffs, import quotas, embargoes, license requirements, etc.)
  • The state of the economy
  • The social and cultural environments (social norms, cultural behavior, etc.)
  • šThe technological environment (how current and prominent technology is)
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