The goal of this course is to get you thinking about how these technologies could be used to build a better community. Thus, this main project is a design project. The goal for this project is for you — and at partner if you choose — to think of some global issue or problem you would like to address. If you work with a partner, then you need to follow the additional workload requirements indicated by the **.

This problem can occur anywhere in the world, and it can be something that occurs in the online world or in the physical world. You will then choose a specific technology, or combination of technologies, and discuss how they could be used to address or solve that issue/problem the world is facing. Given the affordances and constraints of the technologies discussed in class, create a design to utilize the technologies to effect a positive change on the world around you. You can find links to examples to help you create your project Look at the end of the post.

For this project, you will complete three steps: Idea, Research Paper, and Final Paper.

Idea**: For this first step of the project, write in 100-200 words:

a) what issue and problem you are addressing, and

b) provide brief information on an example you found of someone or some company/organization using any digital communication technology to address/solve the issue/problem.

Make certain to provide the proper reference for the example you provide, so that the example can be found by others. Proper writing technique is also required.


I’m thinking of obesity in north American or in the United states.


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