home work questions 5

Ps: Will provide some sources for each question.

Atleast 500 words for each question with references underneath each question answer. No outline

1) Discussion Questions: What are the roles and responsibilities of HSINT in facilitating the furtherance of countering CBRNE threats within homeland security? Look beyond just a simple statement of focus. Provide an example on how HSINT would be employed most effectively if the United States encountered a large scale agro-terrorist attack. (500 words)

2) What is the single greatest impediment to successfully interdicting transnational crime and narcotics support to terrorist efforts?

Instructions: Your initial post answering all this week’s questions should be at least 500 words

3)Does the WTO (and other international economic organizations) serve the interests of the world’s poor states?
– If you think so, then how do agricultural subsidies fit into your argument?
– If you think not, then what could be done to make the WTO work better for poor countries?
– How should the World Trade Organization rules be rewritten so that the developing countries can more actively use tariffs and subsidies for industrial development?

(500 words)

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