history writing 6

You will answer 3 of the following questions. You should write at least two pages in response to each question. Unless otherwise specified, refer to at least tworeadings in response to each question.Your answers should not be assembled in the form of one long essay; each question should be considered separately.Remember that the purpose here is to construct arguments based on textual evidence, not external sources or a mere rehash of class discussions. Use parenthetical page references where necessary.

Remember to include question numbers.

1) Compare the ‘discovery’ experiences of Columbus, Brereton, and Smith.

2) Wigglesworth and Moraley give us different pictures of religion in colonial America. How does each portray Puritanism and Quakerism, respectively?

3) To what degree could you say Hakluyt’s Discourse on Western Planting affected the descriptions of the New World given by Smith and Brereton? In other words, can you read Smith’s and Brereton’s works as attempts to respond to Hakluyt’s outline of the benefits of colonization?

4) Many of our authors have, indirectly, shown us glimpses of the society of the colonies. Describe the relations between rich and poor in the colonies.

5) Moraley and Knight travelled extensively. Do their experiences confirm or deny the truth of Moraley’sstatement that the colonies were “the best poor man’s Country?”

6) Describe the culture of the English colonies in the seventeenth century, based on the readings we have done.

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