Chose two essay questions from below and provide a well argued response using evidence to back your position. Double-Spaced, one inch margins, and 12 point arial or times roman font. Each essay should be from 3 to 4 pages in length due thursday morning.

1) Discuss how Europe’s quest for empire transformed the social and economic landscape of Indigenous North America. In your view, what was the relationship Native Americans had with European colonists in the early stages of empire and how did that relationship change over time for the better or worse? Finally, were Anglo/Indian relations beneficial or detrimental and why (explain in detail) provide evidence. (4 pages double space)

2)How did the social, political, and economic history of the Chesapeake differ from that of New England in the early 17th century? What role did religion play in each of these regions and did it advance notions of freedom and liberty? Finally, with all things considered which region (Chesapeake or New England) served as a model of freedom and opportunity to English colonists? (3 pages double space)

3)Explain how slavery in the west indies differed from the Chesapeake in the seventeenth century? Discuss the legal status of slaves in the Chesapeake in the early seventeenth century and whether that status remained consistent as the century progressed. Finally, discuss the incident that influenced the further expansion of slavery in Virginia and how it hardened the racial lines between whites and blacks by the early eighteenth century?

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