Produce a 10+ slide PPT presentation based Business report attachment. Make sure to review and understand

both attachments prior to starting this assignment,

Title Slide /Summary – 1-2 slide

Table of Contents – 1 slide (Agenda, could be reversed with Summary if it makes sense to do it in the presentation ONLY)

Introduction – 1 or 2 slides

Discussion – 5 to 7 slides (give or take)

Conclusions & Recommendations – 1 or 2 slides

References – 1 slide (only if your PPT content demands the use of citations and thus a source list)

Appendix – only include if it makes sense (you might need the info on a discussion slide if it’s an illustration, or you can say, “Please refer to the Appendix on p. xx of the report.”)

The above list totals 10+ slides.

Upload the PPT as an attachment.

Be sure your PPT has a title page/slide

Content slides that enhance the written report.

Contains any necessary resources (works cited or references list)

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