Project: Change in New Employee Orientation and Training (I will be looking at initial training such as OSHA, and Equipment)

The project topic I want to complete is part of the hiring process. I use to work for as a Supervisor for OSRAM Sylvania, and we had an issue with the new employee orientation and training. For one, I believe the company lost its vision, and the leadership was just trying to fill gaps quickly due the holiday season approaching in the next 90 days. For anyone who isn’t aware, Sylvania produces light bulbs. The HR would just toss forms out at the new employees to sign and them have initial off on OSHA required training saying they read over and understood the information. There was no real New Orientation Schedule for an employee regardless if they were management or not. Employees were unaware how benefits worked, what safety requirements were mandated training, and they had no set training schedule on equipment to be certified. It was all pencil whipped along with people not being fully trained on equipment that could lead to a serious injury. In my project, I want to clearly define the problems with orientation to include training, and show a solution that will change how the company will fix this to avoid taking risks and shortcuts.

NOTE: The Week 5 DB attachment is the exact example of the format needed. Please use this, but there is an outline below in the attachments as well with some basic guidelines. Ensure all steps of the outline are completed to include answering these questions within the communication plan, and evaluation plan.

ALSO the Rubic for grading is attached. Please ensure this is looked over. There are graphics needed. They must be used to reinforce the text.

Any questions, please let me know.

1. Design a communication plan for this change initiative. Be very specific about how this will be handled.

2. Design an evaluation plan. How will you evaluate your plan? That is, how will you know that your initiative is successful? What are the specific markers that will indicate the success of your change plan. Higher revenues? More transfer of training? Fewer complaints. You must be specific about what your measures of success will be.

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