I need you to write a reply to this text. 100-200 words is enough. what did you like in the text what was well said and what do you agree with.

2. Government support of whistle-blowing should be directed towards stronger incentives for internal reporting of misconduct, not external whistle blowing that could be harmful to the individual and organization

It would be more beneficial for a whistle-blower to report misconduct internally rather than externally for many reasons. Whistle-blowers are often criticized for reporting misconduct and many people do not like to work with them. Once you are a whistleblower, you cannot be trusted and it makes it difficult to find new jobs, especially if it were to go public. The text states “whistle-blowers in general do not get good treatment and often have trouble finding employment after they report misconduct”(Ferrell 194). Overall, it is better for the employee to report misconduct within the company and refrain from making it public. The employee may lose their job, but it will not affect him/her outside of that job and will also protect the company. For example, act utilitarian approach for internal reporting would be for the greater good of the company and employees. A journal article states “an act is right if and only if it would in fact produce consequences at least as good as those which would in fact be produced by any other act available to the agent”(Barnes 56). Whistle-blowing externally could be harmful to the organization resulting in other people losing their job.

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