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topic- Data Visualization

Assignment 1: Good and Bad Visualizations

Visualization is everywhere around us, and though we may think of this as a new phenomenon, we can trace early visualization back to the early forms of mapmaking and thematic cartography. Data visualization is indeed more pervasive in our lives: explanatory diagrams in newspapers, magazines, and pamphlets; graphs and maps telling us about election results and poll results; scientific results of experimental data plotted against theoretical expectations; etc. In all of these examples the goal is the same: use visualization to paint a picture with data. The results, and intentions, may differ considerably; some serve to inform and others to mislead.

For the assignment, find two examples of visualization, one you find “good” and one you find “bad.” Some suggested sources include the following.

In your research you should find a visualization that is something you should theoretically be capable of interpreting and not something that requires expertise to comprehend. Likewise you need to find something that is not the subject of what not to use (this would defeat the purpose of the exercise).

Once you have selected your examples, add a link to the class discussion board that includes the graphic and a description explaining the visualizations (no more than one paragraph each) and why you think it is good or bad.

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