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A goal is a desired outcome that an individual or an organization envisions, and is willing to take necessary actions to achieve. Goals help determine purpose, and they are achieved through proper planning and execution. A plan is a detailed method or procedural steps designed to reach or obtain a goal. Plans usually include the appropriation of necessary resources such as time, funds, and personnel. “Goals specify future ends; plans specify today’s means.”– Daft (2014).
Being that my organization is a world class leader in swimming pool and spa care, the hottest months of the year, beginning from May to late August are the peak business months for us. During this period, we set almost the same operational goals that have been recycled for many years. The goals are: the achievement of double digit sales growth compared to the previous year; and the provision of excellent customer service. To achieve these main goals, a plan is implemented, beginning with the hiring of new seasonal lead sales, and sales associates. The new hire training usually starts between late February and early March. Each person is oriented to the company’s culture of thrift, customer service, and product knowledge. Beginning in early April, ‘older’ employees, including sales managers and assistant sales managers are also required to attend training sessions, not only on newer products, but also on products that have been the staples of the organization for years.
Once employee training is complete, the focus shifts to bringing customers to the stores. Just before the beginning of the summer season, when most pool owners are getting their pools and spas ready, the promotional department starts sending sales flyers to potential customers’ homes, and money-saving coupons are sent to the email addresses of previous seasons’ customers as an incentive for return sales.
In order to reach a desired end, every goal must be accompanied by a good plan.

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