In this Assignment, you will describe how firms use marketing research to compete and collaborate in the global economy.

Marketers engaged in conducting global research must be cognizant of the many factors that can positively or adversely affect an organization, such as cultural, social, economic, competitive, technological, political, and legal environmental conditions. Building and maintaining awareness of the global market conditions requires great effort and diligence in order to minimize risk and maximize profit potential for an organization. Developing communications channels, being aware of cultural nuances, and competitive forces can impact the success of a marketing effort that is invested in the global marketing environment. As a marketing researcher, you must develop a keen awareness for the global marketing environment to protect and improve organizational interests.

Directions for Completing this Assignment:

To complete this Assignment, you will review a scholarly article on Global Marketing Research and write a 2-3 page informative essay (find information on how to write an informative essay in the Writing Center) in APA style format addressing the following five topic areas:

1. Describe the purpose of the global marketing research described in the article?

2. Explain the competitive environment in relation to the marketing research is discussed in the article. 3. Describe how collaboration and social behavior played a role in the global marketing research.

4. In your descriptive essay explain the following:

Provide a review of how the data was collected?

Provide a review of how the data analysis was completed?

5. In your review of the article, provide a description of the competitive outcomes you see were critical to the success or failure of this global marketing research?

See attached article.

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