Written Assignment

Foundations of Motivation- Written Project [200 points]


Prepare a 5–6 page paper (excluding the title page and references), on how organizational culture impacts nursing leadership and how you will effectively address the organizational culture.


In your paper, address the following:

  1. Describe the “organizational culture” in your current workplace.
    • You should analyze how your organization does, or does not, meet the four characteristics of a healthy organization, according to your textbook (page 433).
  2. Discuss how the organizational culture at your workplace impacts employee performance, negatively and/or positively.
    • Provide specific examples. Be sure to draw on any relevant readings from this or previous units in your discussion.
  3. Discuss the strategies that you would effectively use to promote a positive and healthy organizational culture as a nurse leader.
    • For example, describe how you will minimize organizational toxicity or facilitate harmony, health, and positive energy in your organization.

    Provide at least six scholarly references in APA format. Include digital object identifier (doi) or URL where applicable. References should be current (within 10 years).

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