The questions below are discussion questions. Responses should be at least 50 words each.

Employment Law

1.Title VII does not extend discrimination protection to affinity orientation. What is your opinion about this limitation?

2.Describe two examples of disability discrimination. In your opinion, how should an employer accommodate the described disabilities?

3.In your opinion, should employers be able to monitor employees’ electronic activities? In an age of social networking and instant communication, where should employers draw the line?

Managerial Strategic Communication

4.Share an experience when misreading the context or selecting the wrong channel caused a communication failure. What steps could have been taken to prevent the problem? How does making proper context and channel selections improve your communication skills as a manager?

5.Communication is not a one-way event, but rather a dynamic process that has as its goal the proper receipt of a message. With that in mind, how can you as a manager ensure that you have “closed the loop” on your message? Explain strategies you can use to ensure a message has been properly received in your interpersonal communication and on an organizational level.

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