1. Find a recent edition of the Democrat and Chronicle (NOT on line). You may use a local newspaper if you are not from the Rochester area. Choose an article dealing with demand or supply issues–the article will not explicitly state it is dealing with S and D, but will probably be discussing a change in price. Do not use stock market examples.

Provide a brief summary of the article and then analyze the article using your knowledge of market theory. Be sure to indicate which NON- own price determinant of supply or demand that is changing and how it is changing. Use a graph to illustrate what is happening in the article. Both the supply and demand curve need to be in the same graph…but you only need to shift one of them. Please use the determinants discussed in my voice over lecture. Defend your choice of determinant. Include a copy of the article with your quiz, properly cited. ,If you are a remote student, please use your local paper and cite it accordingly. This question is good practice for the first exam.

2. Real World Micro, article 1.4; Critically summarize and analyze.

3. Real World Micro, article 8.5; Critically summarize and analyze.

I already got the book and will send u some photos of the pages you need

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