Security Briefing 2

Congratulations! You have just been hired as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of WeHaveNeverBeenHacked Corporation. During your first few weeks on the job you have discovered that there are no (zero, zilch, nothing!) security policies, guidelines, standards, or requirements for your company. For security briefing 2, you must develop a set of security policies that include: an e-mail policy, user agreement documents, and an annual security awareness training program at a minimum. Have fun!

Deliverable: Your submission should include a cover page, table of contents outlining each of your policy and guides, you must have the the CISO’s signature on each policy. You are free to use any format as these are YOUR policies.

You will be scored using the following criteria:

1. Do you have the minimal documentation requested: Yes = 3 points.

2. Are the policies robust?: Yes = 3 points.

3. Did you copy some other policy that you found on the Internet, word for word, letter by letter = -10 points

4. Creativity. Yes = 6 points.

Have fun with this assignment!

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