i have a five pages long paper and i am looking for someone to proof read it and being able to fix my grammar mistake. in addition there is no need for adding more passages as long as it is five pages long minimum which is now as it is. last thing is i want you to highlight all the changes you make on the paper with a yellow shadow.

please check my MLA format

Down there are the requirements

You will be assessed on the following things:

ï‚· Choosing an appropriate title for your evaluation.

ï‚· A clearly defined set of 3-5 film criteria.

ï‚· Clear organization that utilizes elements of structure discussed in class.

ï‚· A strong introduction (with a thesis statement) that draws your reader in.

ï‚· A strong conclusion that ties up loose ends and brings your argument to a close.

ï‚· A tone reflective of an academic film analysis.

ï‚· At least three research sources presented with accurate MLA format.

ï‚· Proofreading your work so that it appears neat and professional.

ï‚· Meeting the length requirement: 5 pages

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