essay questions 65

From the case answer each of the following sets of questions to guide your analysis, problem identification, and recommendation for this case: Segmentation Analysis: The UK shower market can generally be described as consisting of three end-consumer segments (the premium segment, the standard segment, and the value/DIY segment) and the developer segment. Describe each of these three segments along the following four factors:

    1. the key criteria they used to evaluate a shower purchase (e.g., performance, service, convenience, style, etc.),
    2. their usual motivation for purchasing a shower (e.g., replace a broken shower, install a new shower, etc.),
    3. the price point or price range that they would consider purchasing at, and
    4. the channel(s) through which they most preferred to shop for a shower.
  1. Value Analysis: Describe the Quartz value proposition to (a) end consumers and (b) to plumbers. Recall from previous chapters in your textbook, customer value is essentially the comparison of a bundle of benefits relative to the complete cost associated with acquisition.
    1. As you describe the value for consumers, be sure to include:
  1. As you describe the value for plumbers, be sure to include:
  1. Channel Analysis: There are three main channels of distribution in the UK shower market (DIY Sheds, Showrooms, Trade Shops). Describe each channel based upon the following factors:
    1. The type or level of service it offered its customers and
    2. The relative influence plumbers had on consumer purchase decisions in each channel.
  2. Customer Behavior Analysis: The case states, “very few units had sold in the first four months on the market” (p. 9). Using information presented in the case:
    1. Describe factors that influences end-consumers’ adoption of the Quartz product (provide a brief explanation of the factors, not merely a list).
    2. Identify which factor(s) is(are) the main reason(s) for the slow adoption rate.
  3. Problem identification: Build upon the analyses you presented in answers 1-4 and explain the causes of the Aqualisa Quartz Shower’s poor performance at the time of the case.
  4. Recommendation: How do you think the Quartz should be marketed? Your recommendation should include these 3 elements.

Element 1: The key Marketing Strategy Decisions, specifically:

  1. The primary target market the company should pursue (premium segment, the standard segment, the value/DIY segment, or the developer segment)
  2. The relative price-point or price range, and
  3. The primary distribution channel.

Element 2: Specific reasons for each of your strategy recommendations (a, b, and c). In particular,

Element 3: Your answer should clearly identify current problems or obstacles your decisions help address.

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