2 Articles (4 questions) & essay in 7 hours after that I will extend the time for 12 hours

Write 1.5 page essay for the Video as per the given criteria …

Secondly answer any 4 questions from the worksheet for all the articles ..

After watching the video “A Tribute to Martha Graham” type one to two pages detailing the following:

* how she used the torso in her choreography and movement

* the effect of the use of contraction and release on the movement

* the effect of the use of contraction and release on the mood of the movement

* what you did or didn’t enjoy about her movement and philosophy

* your thoughts on whether the movement/philosophy is still relevant today

Your assignment should be in essay format and uploaded as a word document, size 12, times new roman font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. Your essay should be at least one page in length. Make sure your name is on your assignment and to proofread and make necessary revisions. Do not turn in a document that is one paragraph. You will be graded on how you address each topic listed above.

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